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 Student Support and Services 

 Library Service 

Internet research for assignments

  • Make the most of internet searching, including using Library resources for assignments, understanding what articles' are and where to find them.

 Mental Health and Wellbeing Services 

Rainbow is committed to providing programs, services and a supportive environment to ensure the wellbeing of all students.  

Our team is prepared with an all encompassing service that takes into consideration every aspect of student wellbeing.

How we make it work for our students:

  • Provide confidential, non-judgmental and inclusive support

  • Connect students to appropriate support services such as counselling, accessibility, mentoring, academic support, medical and career pathways

 Academic Skill Centre

Rainbow Academic Skills Centre is here to help you develop your academic skills and reach your potential. help with areas such as writing clearly and professionally, organising your ideas, studying effectively, referencing, and maths. It’s a free one on one personal service where we work with you to help you with your individual needs.
Areas of support:

  • Academic writing

  • Organising and structuring your assignments

  • Time-management and study methods

  • Preparing for exams

  • Oral presentations

  • Referencing and citing

  • English

  • Maths

 Rainbow Tutorial Service 
Besides the lecture, the content for most  subjects are also taught in a tutorial. A ‘tute’ is a smaller class usually scheduled after the lecture.

 Library Service 

Rainbow is lunching it Lecture recording system to ensure that students have more resources other than notes to refer back to during exams or assignments. 

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