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 Microsoft  Office

 Course Overview

 The Microsoft office course at Rainbow is a comprehensive training
program that covers essential applications for professional
productivity. Participants gain proficiency in Microsoft word for
document creation, Excel for spreadsheet management, PowerPoint
for dynamics presentations, Access for database development,
Outlook for efficient email communication and OneNote for
organized note-taking. This course provides hands-on experience
and practical skills in each module, empowering individuals with a
well-rounded understanding of the Microsoft office suite. Whether
for academic, personal or professional use, this course equips
participants with the necessary tools to navigate and harness the
full potential of Microsoft Office applications in diverse settings.



Below are some of the main features of this course:
short duration- each module/program can be completed in only two
months. Competitive rates with flexible payment plans. Experienced
lecture with excellent student support.

How to Apply

Two passport photos
Registration and fees

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