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 Advance Certificate in Agriculture

 Course  Overview:

 The certificate in General Agriculture provides a comprehensive
experience in all areas of Agriculture. This program allows students
to build a portfolio of practical work, including internship knowledge
and skills.



 Get a solid foundation in Agricultural science, practice and
management. This program include:
 Learning about soil composition and the properties and
nutritional value of soil
 Undertaking a practical project to evaluate soils and
determine suitable management strategies.
 Understanding different types of pastures and how to
manage and evaluate pastures for development
 Discovering how to manage water resources, and how to
conserve, treat and reuse water
 Research projects that teach students how to determine
research needs, search for information, learn about research
methodology, use statistics, conduct statistical research,
prepare research reports and present a project.
 The industry project provides students with an opportunity to
apply the skills and knowledge they’ve developed in the
course to real-world situations.



Complete online application form
Interview and Evaluation
Successful applicants must clear senior high school with supporting
documents (transcript from high school and WASSCE results)

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