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 The Rainbow program trains you to become a nurse in 3 years. Through our  nursing course, you’ll gain the knowledge, clinical skills and placement experience to provide high-quality nursing care and make a difference to your patients.

You will also have the scope to provide care in multiple settings, including acute care, primary health care, and health promotion. Rainbow Nursing will prepare you for increasingly complex health care situations.

You will gain invaluable skills in clinical decision-making, client care, communication, cultural competence and research, developed through extensive clinical experience in a variety of settings.

2023 Course requirements: 

All Rainbow courses require you to have successfully completed a minimum of a Year 12 qualification (or equivalent) and WASSAC.



 Application Process


 Download soft copy/collect hard copy of the application from the Rainbow Insitute office of admissions  and attach copies of all supporting documentation including secondary school results certificate/s, official academic transcript/s, 

All supporting documents should be submitted to the Rainbow admission office with the application fees {15usd}

 Original or certified copies of your supporting academic documents must be provided upon request.

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