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study at Rainbow Institute of Professional

 Your path to college  is as unique as you are. Perhaps you are in your final years of high school and are planning your next move, or maybe you are thinking of switching , pursuing a career change, or hoping to develop your skills in a new or specialised area. Whatever your reason for studying, at Rainbow Institute you’re not alone. We will provide you with personal support during the entire journey, from the application process through to your very first day on campus.

 Rainbow Institute spring 2024 Admissions open!!

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Be Certificate qualified for your dream job


Rainbow Institute Certificate courses are specifically tailored to ensure you learn the particular skills and knowledge required to not only obtain a job in your chosen field, but also find fast success with your new role.The course levels typically range from Certificate basic through to Certificate Advance , depending on the subject area, and cater to students of all knowledge levels.

Certificate courses can be studied full-time and part-time or online  covering a wide range of topics including:



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 Professional courses

Discover what makes us different

Gain real-world experience and develop the skills

and mindset to launch yourself into a career full

of possibilities. Explore our courses

and areas of interest and learn how  our professional programs

 can help you graduate job-ready.



Information Technology

Business Management 

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